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What is Tinder?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating and hookup apps out there. Although not without its critics, it is easy to use and can be a lot of fun.

Some have described Tinder as ‘Hot or Not’ extension of Facebook, which is probably not the most accurate description in the world, but it’s not far from the truth.

Getting started with Tinder

After downloading and installing the app to your device, you will need to sigh in with Facebook

After downloading and installing the app to your device, you will need to sigh in with Facebook

Verifying your phone number is the next step

Verifying your phone number is the next step

Once logged in, you need to set your discovery preferences

Once logged in, you need to set your discovery preferences, which is as simple as choosing the Gender, Location and Age of people you may be interested in. That’s it, you can start swiping.

Swipe Right = Like

Swipe Right = Like

Swipe Left = Not Interested

Swipe Left = Not Interested

Simple, isn’t it? May be even too simple and superficial for some, but as the theory goes we are wired to make a decision about a member of the opposite sex within seconds of meeting them or in the case of Tinder, seeing their photo.

How does Tinder actually work?

Basically, if you like someone and they like you too, Tinder creates a ‘Match’. Only then, you can get in touch and message each other.

What that means is that you will never be contacted by a person you have not already shown interest in and that’s very important. Nothing puts you off using a dating app like unsolicited messages, which are often awkward and sometimes down right creepy.

On the other hand, you can’t just download the app and expect that people will find you. You have to be active and like other people in order to be seen and liked too.



In case you have a lot of matches and want to be ‘invisible’ to other users, you can easily do that by changing your preferences.


More Tinder Features

Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus, the new subscription based service by Tinder, brings new features to the app. Most notably the ability to undo a swipe and change your location.

Accidentally liking another user or missing the chance to get to know someone very special is a thing of the past. Changing your location is extremely handy if you are on a holiday or traveling a lot.

Truth to be told other sneaky features were introduced in the new version of the app, like a limiting the number of people you can see in a given time period, forcing you to go Tinder Plus if you want to keep swiping right away.

Price of the monthly subscription ranges between 9.99 USD and 19.99 USD, depending on age and apparently location. Ageism?!

All of that was met with heavy criticism by existing users, but it is also something we’re used to seeing in any major app update, even by the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Tinder is still fun and it’s user base will undoubtedly continue to grow for quite some time.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast growing user base
  • Messaging available only between people who have liked each other


  • Requires Facebook account
  • The book does get judged by its cover
  • Limited swipes for the free version

Tinder Reviews

“Dating websites? Please. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of girls I’m meeting on this app, many beautiful and smart. These guys found a niche clearly untouched, good job!” 5/5 (Aaron F)

Love me Tinder….Love me sweet…. Whoever is responsible for this app, you deserve the dazzling stars guys! Thank you so much!” 5/5 (LL)

A great and fun app I have already submitted a more detailed review using another device. But, I will add that you just have to be patient and keep swiping, there are attractive potential mates that will be interested in talking to you/ meeting you. Remember to be positive and continually improve yourself physically, mentally, etc. And keep your photos updated. 5/5 (Jerjuan G)

Day light robbery Now that u have to pay ridiculous amounts to swipe everyones leaving tinder. So barely no matches left. Leaving it myself. Utterly disgusting the price ur charging whilst whatsapp charges £0.69 for an entire year. And snapchat is free. Wont be using again. Dont count on many matches.. 1/5 (Laura M)

Just nothing I’ve been using tinder for about 6 months now. I’ve been on and off for using it. For the last 2 weeks now I’ve used it every day liking what I like, disliking what I don’t and still not 1 match. I must me a monster to look at. Thanks for the vote of confidence Tinder. 1/5 (Steve T)

Useless I don’t like that you have to log in through Facebook. I don’t like Facebook anyway. Also can’t get it to send me a verification code. Useless app and recent reviews seem to say you don’t get paired with real people anyway. 1/5 Helena K

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