The Original Carrie Bradshaw, Candace Bushnell on Tinder

Candace Bushnell is the original Carrie Bradshaw who wrote the “Sex and the City” columns that later became one of the most iconic TV series for generations. And she gave Tinder a spin and told everyone about it in Cosmopolitan.


Despite not been on a date since 2002, Candace reluctantly decides to join the dating app.

She was not impressed with Tinder’s assumption that she would like to date guys only in her “age bracket” so she changed that and the matches started to fall.

Her verdict is that Tinder “It’s like being in Vegas”, addictive.

Bushnell herself had a very pleasant experience with men complementing her looks, so its no surprise she had a nice time on the dating app. However, she admits that its very difficult to find “the one” on Tinder.

She commented on the difference between dating now and what it used to be in the 1980s.

She sums it up in a classic Bushnell/Bradshaw line: “I thought I understood, Tinder was like that bad boyfriend you kept going back to who was never going to change. Was Tinder the new Mr. Big?”

However, she continues to say that its not all that simple, tho there is some truth to that comparison.