New Dating Apps – The Hottest & Most Recent Dating Apps

Bored with the same old dating apps? Not having much luck in the ‘mainstream’ dating scene? Maybe it’s about time you tried something completely different.

Here are some of the top rated new dating and hook up apps in town.

Passfeed - Dating App Download, Features, Reviews

4.7/5 (Very Good) Free dating app for college students to party and hookup.Read More »

MiCrush - Dating App Download, Features, Reviews

micrush-signin-with-facebook3.7/5 (Good) Free. Dating app for Latinos in English, Spanish & Portuguese.Read More »

DragonFruit - Dating App Download, Features, Reviews

2 (Good) - Free. DragonFruit is the first dating app for geeks-only.Read More »

Ivory - The Dating App for Singapore's Elite Coming Out in December

Ivory-Singarope-dating-app-eliteIvory – An exclusive members-only dating app for Singapore’s ambitious and successful. People thought its an April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t. The new app-in-the-making Ivory got some bad rep for being elitist, however founders claim to be Singapore’s best… Read More »

Bristlr - The Social Beard Network

bristlr-screenshot-6403/5 (Good). Free. Love Beards? Bristlr is "the innovation in socio-facial interaction you didn’t realise you’ve been wanting."Read More »