Ivory – The Dating App for Singapore’s Elite Coming Out in December

Ivory – An exclusive members-only dating app for Singapore’s ambitious and successful.


Are you part of the Singapore’s elite?

People thought its an April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t. The new app-in-the-making Ivory got some bad rep for being elitist, however founders claim to be Singapore’s best solution to its birth problem.

Their Facebook description is quite honest tho: “Maybe a dating app for Singapore’s high-achievers. Maybe a byproduct of elitism, meritocracy and the Graduate Mother’s Scheme.”

The controversy surrounding the new app was not an accident, the 3 founders (who want to stay anonymous for now) claim to have taken lessons from the Kardashians.

In the US, the idea already exist with apps such as The League and Luxy targeting the rich, successful and pretty.

How will Ivory screen its users its not yet clear, as the app will launch in December. However, you can get on the waiting list today.