DragonFruit – Dating App Download, Features, Reviews

Official Website http://www.dragonfruitapp.com/
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Price Free
Rated 2 (Good)

DragonFruit claims to be the first and the best dating app for geeks-only.


The app matches you with other like-minded souls by asking you to share as many as you can of your favorite comics, movies (such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, etc.), Pokemons, Legos, etc. You can go as detailed as sharing your favorite characters and superheroes. The bigger the variety, the higher your “geek” level is, hence you get more matches.


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You swipe left and right much like Tinder, but where DragonFruit differs is that you get to express all of your quirkiness in your profile page by answering the questions.

The idea is that you will never again have to hide who you are to impress your match. Put Clark Kent in the closet, be Superman.


You can search or view who you were matched with and like people.

DragonFruit App Reviews:

“Love the idea of the app and works well once the internet issue was resolved. Also they are rather quick with getting back to people which is a huge plus. Not sure what the user pool is based off of at the moment though. If it’s radial or all current users. *edit* found the range and filter tools. ” 5/5 (Evan Barry)

“Giving 5 stars for the concept and while it needs work for being new, if you guys add location to this I will promote the CRAP out of this! So hard to find hot nerdy girls. ” 5/5 (Phillip Spina)

“Updated review: the people working behind the app care about customer usage and seem to be on top of things. I’m happy to report that after some initial problems, the app seems to work well. I would request a couple useful tips for first time users on certain things, but all in all, a good app to meet friends with similar interests. ” 4/5 (Ben Doremus)


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