Aljaz Bedene’s twin pretends to be his famous brother on Tinder

While Aljaz Bedene was preparing to play Rafa Nadal the next day in Monte Carlo, his brother Andraz Bedene was arranging a meet up with a woman on Tinder, pretending to be his famous twin brother.


Apparently, after Andraz messaged her “looking for a woman to share some fun with and offered her the chance to ‘date me for a few days” and asked for directions to her flat, the woman told him she has a migraine.


Aljaz’s agent said: “To me it’s crazy. Andy has crossed the line here.

It’s one thing to try and impersonate your brother and pull a girl off the back of it, but going to this length was very silly.

I didn’t know Andy was with him in Monaco, but this just stinks of Andraz.”