A Dating App for Pot Users or The Best Tool for Arresting People?

HighThere, the dating app for pot users has been exposed to have very low level of security when it comes to protecting the data of their users.


They send unencrypted personal data, including your exact location back and forth.

The app became popular in 2015 and it matches users based on several marijuana related factors, such as whats their favorite way of consuming it and how does it affects them, along with interests unrelated to getting high.

Concerns over the low levels of security have been raised with some suggesting that the app is a great tool for the police to monitor and arrest people who sell and smoke marijuana. Along with risk of hackers stealing your personal data. People from HighThere have addressed the issue and are working to improve the security of their users.

The question remains tho, even if the dating app was secure, how wise is to share that you are doing something illegal online anyway?