4 Reasons We Swipe Right on Dating Apps

With people spending more than 2 hours a week swiping left and right on dozens of people. What makes us swipe right? Considering the decision process lasts less than a second. Here is what the science tells us:


1. Attractiveness

Clearly whats attractive to one person could vary wildly for the next person. However, its an important factor in whether you swipe right or left.

2. Looking for your “twin”

Well not precisely, but it is scientifically proven that we are drawn to profiles (rather faces) that have similar features to our owns. Maybe its due to the fact that they seem so familiar.


3. Personality judgement

In less than a second we don’t just judge the other person’s attractiveness. We also judge their personality, are they fun, trustworthy, smart, etc. Obviously these traits vary from men to women.

4. Uniqueness

People who are considered super attractive by some and less so by others still typically tend to receive more messages than those who are considered moderately attractive by most. The reason? Because their unique traits — which might be a turnoff to some — are valued more highly by those who do find them attractive.

Source: bustle